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Session 3

June 12 - July 19

Folkstyle: This Session will focus on building your stance & motion, endurance, sharpening your   technique and building the strong foundation needed for a strong and successful season. 



Come be a part of the Old School Family!

Year- Round Training 

Old School Wrestling (OSW) will help give you the edge you need to compete at a higher level and will train you to push yourself beyond your mental and physical limits!


  Wrestling is both highly mental and physical.  Old School Wrestling (OSW) ensures each wrestler is fully trained on every level.  Our coaching staff will not only work with each of our wrestlers to perfect their technique but will work on ensuring they understanding how to mentally prepare to compete at the highest levels possible.

While we are building wrestling skills and mental toughness the OSW staff will also be working with our wrestlers to develop the proper training program to maximize their physical conditioning. 

   OSW is back to the basics training!

Our gym is not high tech, it's designed to bring out the true skills in each wrestler by going back to the basics. OSW can ensure you are mentally and physically ready to be a top competitor in the sport of wrestling.


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